Praying Across Alabama

Long ago, Andrew Murray wrote succinctly about the need for prayer as a priority in our lives as leaders: “… if the leaders of the church could see that in spiritual work everything depends upon prayer and that God Himself helps those who wait on Him, it could be a day of hope for our […]

Pray Just As You Are

The invitation hymn “Just as I am” is synonymous with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. That song has been echoed throughout stadiums and other venues around the world. Often it is sung in our churches with the same appeal: Come just as you are. In the truest sense, when we pray, we come to the […]

Praying Over Feet

Most Baptists do not believe that foot washing is an ordinance. Yet it is a biblical concept. The vivid description of Jesus washing the feet of His disciples is one of the best depictions of servanthood anyone can imagine. The scene must have shocked Peter and the other disciples, but this did not stop Jesus […]

Evangelistic Traveling and Praying

February is a busy travel month for many of us who serve as your state missionaries. Some of our staff are leading conferences, workshops and consultations across the state as we seek to help Alabama Baptists become even more effective in fulfilling the Great Commission. Other state missionaries will be traveling for other needs such […]

A Borrowed Prayer

Do you have a “life verse”? Sometimes in conversations and in conferences I asked individuals that question. I thoroughly enjoy hearing the explanations as to why these persons came to claim the verse or verses as their own. It is really a testimony wrapped up in a verse or two. My practice has been slightly […]