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Call to Prayer - Week 4

Video Transcript:

Thank you Alabama Baptist for participating in our online call to prayer.

We’ve had three of them now, and our next one, Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. will be focusing upon the theme FAITH. Each letter will represent a need.

F represents our future. We need to pray about our future, that we’ll be different people coming out of this, more Godly, more committed to the calls of Christ.

A stands for attitude. We need to pray that we’ll have an attitude of servanthood, a spirit-filled attitude.

I represents intentionality, purpose. We need to be even more committed to the great commission than ever before.

T stands for Trust. In all of this, we need to have learned trust in God more. May that stay with us and grow as we look to the future.

H, as always, we need to remember health. The health workers, those who take care of those who are sick, the ones who are sick, we pray for their health. We also pray for the health of our churches. During this time, which is so uncertain and different than we’ve ever had before, we need to have healthier churches and healthier leaders.

Yes, faith, we walk by faith, not by sight.

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