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Call to Prayer - Week 7

In everything, give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus.

The theme of our online call to prayer is going to be thankfulness or gratitude, but I wonder, why do we focus on gratitude? Well, the Bible is replete in challenging us to do so.

I’d just like to remind you that gratitude is synonymous with being a Christian, in fact, gratitude is the language of a Christian. We oughta be more grateful than anyone else because we have salvation, and we’ve been called in a sense to serve God, even in this most challenging time.

But beyond that, gratitude is the language of a Christian and the fragrance of a Christian, now think about that for a moment. The early Christians, when they went to worship, they would have the incense being involved in the worship, and when they left, they smelled like incense, so they had the fragrance of worship, the fragrance of having been with Jesus.

Gratitude is the fragrance that lets people know we’re his followers, we have been with Jesus. In other words then, gratitude is the lifestyle of a Christian.

It’s a difference maker, gratitude is, in fact it’s a difference in making the best of life or making the most of life. It’s a difference in coping with life, or celebrating life. It’s the difference between enduring life or embracing life.

This next call to prayer will be one focused on thanksgiving. Join us at 10 Wednesday.

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