Why is the ACP Important?

Asking such a question may sound a bit skeptical, or even cynical. Yet currently, more times than I can ever recall, the question is posed. My purpose is not to defend the Annual Church Profile — or ACP as it is commonly known — rather I would like to offer a brief perspective as to […]

Four Strategic Challenges

Little Hope or Big Hope? The following was a presentation to the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions on May 16, 2014, by State Missionary and Executive Director Rick Lance: Little Hope Baptist Church was the reported name of a church a friend of mine saw on a road sign while traveling in the open country of east […]

The Pastor Search Process

Churches face many daunting tasks in the pilgrimage of doing ministry. Arguably, one of the most critical times in the life of a church is when a pastor leaves and the search begins for a new pastoral leader. Among Baptists and similar faith groups, the process involves a pastor search committee. Each church determines how […]

Who Are The Deacons?

The lady caught me off guard a bit with a question: “Who are the deacons?”. I thought she wanted me to name all of them and that would have been a challenge indeed because at FBC Tuscaloosa we had numerous ordained deacons both serving on the active body and those who had rotated onto so-called […]