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Invitation to be a part of this year's annual meeting

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As a young boy growing up, I was always infatuated with the Old Faithful geyser there in Yellowstone National Park. It was called Old Faithful because, seemingly, apparently it was faithful when the eruptions, at the time of eruptions.

Through the years, Old Faithful has remained pretty faithful. That is, you can about time when the eruption will take place. Old Faithful, one of America’s great landmarks.

Faithfulness and being faithful is a hallmark of the Christian life.

You know by now perhaps that our state convention meeting is November 13, 14, and on behalf of John Thweatt, our convention president, I’d like to invite you to be a part of the family of faith at Alabama Baptist gathering for our time at convention at the First Baptist Church of Trussville in the Birmingham area.

The theme, faithful. May it be said of us what has been said so long, Old Faithful still is faithful. No matter how long we live, may we continue to be found faithful for Jesus’ sake.

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