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One Great Sunday

One, one, One Great Sunday. Well, that’s the name of a new opportunity for training here at the State Board of Missions. I’m gonna tell you a little bit about. Give me just a moment to share with you what is fresh and new here.

We have been able to have a website, onegreatsunday.org, and on it, you’ll find accessible training opportunities. It is online, therefore you more than 40 great commission ministry opportunities in terms of training events. So it’s accessible to you.

It is also adaptable. You can adapt it to any context where you are. If you wanna do it at home, have your people do it at home, or if you wanna have it at church, or if you want to have it on a larger context, you can do it. It’s right there for you. You can adapt it to your setting. That’s really good news.

And then, it is applicable. When you think about more than 40 great commission ministries, it covers a landscape of a lot of ministry opportunities, in terms of training, which are off the radar, many of them. But, we know the basics. That is, we need to do good bible study, and have small groups, discipleship. We need to do evangelism. What about personal finance? What about ministry safe issues at your church? What about the areas of worship leadership, which sometimes can be problematic? Well, church planting. We hear a lot about that. Church revitalization. What about a minister’s finances? The work of a personnel team. All of that can be considered in One Great Sunday.

I recommend it you. It’s an opportunity for us to come to you, and do so in an accessible, adaptable, and applicable way.

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