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Time to think about the Annual Church Profile

The following is a transcript of Dr.Lance’s monthly video.

You’re not surprised to hear that in 2020, there is a census being taken in America to discover how many people live in America and to know some other pertinent facts about the population of our country.

It helps in so many different ways, for government to provide services.

Well, we have something similar to that, that does it annually, it’s called the Annual Church Profile. And the ACP, for short, using the letters, simply is a ministry audit.

It helps us understand, and you understand, how your ministry is doing. It provides all kinds of information related to our being able to operate and function in Great Commission Ministries as a state convention, and as a Southern Baptist Convention.

Alabama Baptists have been very good at providing the Annual Church Profile. In fact, there have been times we’ve been well up in the 90% participation among our 3250 churches.

Now, it has slipped down into the 80s, 80%, but it’s still very good.

Now you might ask why do we do this?

In the Bible, there’s a book called Numbers. Numbers are important. At the Pentecost, there were 3000 people saved. Jesus fed the 5000. He called the 12 disciples. He’s given us a great commission to go and disciple all people. Ministry audits are very important.

I’d like for you to think about the Annual Church Profile. It’s a way for you to do some analyzing of your ministry, and then collectively, we as your partners can do it as well.

Thank you for cooperating in this endeavor, please deputize someone on your staff or volunteer, to fill out that Annual Church Profile. It helps in ways you’ll never know.

Thank you Alabama Baptists.

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