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The Color of Courage and Commitment

“You are yellow!” That was a macho accusation made by John Wayne in more than one of his likable but rather predictable westerns. Following that challenge to a man’s courage, a gunfight would ensue and, of course, John Wayne was almost always the winner.

As a child growing up, you never wanted to be called “yellow.” It meant you were the epitome of an ultimate coward, and no one wanted to be accused of being cowardly.

In the years that followed, I had an unconscious aversion to the color yellow. It was not at all one of my favorite colors, that is until I became personally aware of disaster relief work among Alabama Baptists and Southern Baptists. Those bright yellow shirts have caused me to see yellow as the color of courage and commitment.
As we face yet another hurricane season, you can be assured that those wearing the bright yellow shirts of Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief stand ready to offer themselves in service in every feasible way. They will be there on site helping people because of their commitment to Christ and their sense of courage in the face of uncertainty. These servants of the Lord personify what Jesus meant when He challenged His followers to take up the “towel” of service.

As we marked the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, I reflected upon the impact of the army of yellow shirt volunteers who covered a land mass the size of Great Britain and who sought to meet the needs of literally millions of people affected by the worst disaster this nation has faced in modern times.

I have had basic training in disaster relief. So I get to wear the yellow shirt and yellow hat too. I am a private in the yellow shirt army, and I am proud to be associated with the courage and commitment of these dedicated people.

I am grateful that State Missionary Mel Johnson is serving as our disaster relief strategist. He is a choice servant of God and an excellent leader in the yellow shirt army of volunteers. Thanks, Mel, for what you do for the cause of Christ in this vital area of ministry. Thanks also to all you who wear the yellow shirts and exemplify the courage and commitment needed to serve in times of disaster.

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