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Someone and Something for the Savior

“Someone and Something for the Savior” is an excellent reminder of what intentional evangelism means to Alabama Baptists. Everyone reaching someone for the Savior and everyone doing something in missions support for the Savior in ’07 is a way of being obedient to our Lord.

I long to see a year when every church reaches at least someone with the gospel, baptizes the new believer, and reports it through the Annual Church Profile. This reporting is not for bragging rights but rather for reasons of celebration for the glory of God. Likewise, I pray that one day every Alabama Baptist church, regardless of size, will give something through the Cooperative Program and do something in missions support for the Savior, who gave His all for us!
These dreams may sound too simple and look too idealistic at first sight. Yet, every year we have hundreds of churches who do not report a baptism or any giving through the Cooperative Program. Beginning this year we can change that trend. That is what “Someone and Something for the Savior” is all about.

I want to thank you in advance for your participation in this important endeavor. Each one of us and each church can reach someone for the Savior, and each one of us can give something for the Savior. Together we can make an eternal difference, right now and in the future God gives us.

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