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Rick Lance - July 2019 Video

Transcript from Dr.Lance’s monthly video:

The hot days of July, that’s what we, as Alabama Baptists, and others across the nation, have experienced.

By now you’ve had your Vacation Bible School, or most of you have. We’ve heard tremendously positive reports related to Vacation Bible School.

We know, also, July is kinda vacation time. We celebrate the Fourth of July, and we have opportunities to get away or just to relax and to chill out a little bit. July will go by fast, and when August comes, well, that’s almost like September these days. We start over.

So as we look toward the future, we pray, even now, our plans for the fall will be good, and in our minds, we’ll begin to pray for them and to plan for them with a focus that is upon Great Commission ministries.

Before I leave you, let me mention one particular July event that we need to focus upon, that’s July 18. At First Baptist Church of Trussville. Ministry Safe Organization led by Greg Love and Kimberlee Norris will be leading out and helping us understand how we can protect children, our most vulnerable among us.

GuideStone is undergirding and supporting this, and we’re thankful for them because they’re very much aware of the needs of churches in this regard. And the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions is a partner with them, as well.

Additionally, let me mention again what you may have already heard, that is that we have a relationship with Ministry Safe where you can get a very reduced rate for your church for one year and involvement with Ministry Safe Organization. What once would’ve been $250 for a church can be $50 because of the offset that we have at the Alabama Baptists State Board of Missions. For the first 1,000 churches, we will give an opportunity to scholarship them partially. So your participation will just be $50.

You can find out more related to this with MinistrySafe.com/alsbom. Take advantage of this. It’s a good opportunity.

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