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Praying for Vacation Bible Schools

Please join me in praying for Vacation Bible Schools which are being held during the next six or seven weeks. In my opinion, which has been long held, VBS represents the single most important evangelistic and discipleship experience for most church families in Baptist life. I know that is a bit of a grandiose statement, but think about it for a moment. How many times during the year do you see as many children, youth as well as adults gather for a Bible study and discipleship-focused event?

Every year, I rejoice in hearing reports about the multiple hundreds of churches which report to the State Board of Missions about VBS. My heart is gladdened by the news concerning professions of faith made during the time of VBS. It is one of those “atta boy” moments for me.

As a pastor, VBS was one of my favorite events. I was personally involved as a VBS leader in some significant way. In the churches I served, we sought to attract adults to VBS. We had adult discipleship or Bible study tracks. The youth had clearly targeted opportunities for them to be involved.

I see VBS as an outreach effort. This is a time to demonstrate love to children and others by sharing the Gospel with them. It is an occasion for an evangelistic service where the Gospel message is clearly presented.

People who are not involved in church life and are otherwise disconnected from the church fellowship of faith can be reached with a positive message that Christians care about them. Children from troubled homes can have a spiritual oasis during VBS. They can learn that life can be fulfilling and rich through Christ.

I realize that VBS is time-consuming. I know that it can cost churches precious money from tight budgets, but the spiritual dividends will pay eternally. I can give testimony in my life concerning the impact of VBS. I can trace my profession of faith to a VBS.

As you can see, I am all in for VBS! I pray you will as well. I believe our Lord can use us in local churches to reach children, youth and adults for Christ during VBS. My prayer is that Alabama Baptists will experience an optimum level of participation in VBS and that we will realize a fresh movement of God in our churches because we were obedient in doing our best for God’s glory.

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