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Praying Across Alabama

Long ago, Andrew Murray wrote succinctly about the need for prayer as a priority in our lives as leaders: “… if the leaders of the church could see that in spiritual work everything depends upon prayer and that God Himself helps those who wait on Him, it could be a day of hope for our church.”

Those poignant words, written more than a century ago, ring more true today than ever before. In our time of moral erosion, economic crisis and spiritual lethargy, we must rediscover the timeless God-given power through prayer. Praying Across Alabama is an effort to saturate our state with a prayer vigil in each county.

I will be joining various other state missionaries in giving leadership in this prayer endeavor. We are partnering with local associations and, in most places, we are meeting on the steps of the county courthouses across our state. If weather is inclement, then we will have an alternative service at local churches.

Praying Across Alabama is all about calling God’s people to passionate, persistent and personal prayer. We need to pray for ourselves, not selfishly but with a sense of repentance. We need to pray for servants: those who are elected or appointed to leadership positions in public life and in our churches.

Furthermore, we must pray for souls! Evangelistic praying has been lost in the high weeds of our changing culture, both in society itself and regrettably in our churches. If we do not commit our energies to praying for a spiritual awakening, then we are actually sinning against God Himself.

Praying Across Alabama is one of the most significant efforts to which we could dedicate ourselves as Alabama Baptists. It is designed to help us focus on the need to do what Andrew Murray desired in his day, that is to devote ourselves to “Living a Prayerful Life.” May we rededicate our lives to this godly ambition!

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