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October 2023

Happy Anniversary, Alabama Baptists! This next month, November 14-15, we will celebrate our 200th Anniversary. We’ll do so with the theme Unfinished. We know that what began in 1823 on October 28 and 29 has been continuing to this day and now, it remains unfinished. The work of Great Commission Ministries must go forward. We have to be obedient to our one mission, The Great Commission.

Join us for the celebration of this anniversary and the commemoration of all that it represents. November 14-15 at First Baptist Church of Montgomery, join us for this reunion. And, remember, the month of October is very important, not only because of convention preparation, but also, because it is Cooperative Program Month. So, I wanna pause and thank you for your sacrificial and generous giving through the Cooperative Program. In doing that, you are everywhere, anywhere, all the time, 365 days out of the year, 24/7, by means of giving through the Cooperative Program. You’re supporting missional work, here, there and everywhere.

I must say a word about Minister Appreciation. I want you to know that when I was a pastor, I really did enjoy just the little tangible things like a note, or a call, or a minor small gift. It just did something to refresh the soul. So, I would recommend to you who are laypeople, express a word of appreciation, do a tangible expression of that appreciation to your ministers, and in so doing, you’ll enhance the Kingdom of God for one who feels refreshed is going to do what he needs to do in ministry. Thank you and God bless you, Alabama Baptists!

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