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November 2023

Happy anniversary, Alabama Baptists! I wanna remind you, we are celebrating our 200th Anniversary, as we meet together at our State Convention Annual Meeting, November 14 and 15. You’re invited to come! Please register as a messenger, and if you’re not voted on in the messenger, please register as a guest, because we would like, for historical purposes, to know how many people join together in this time of reunion and celebration.

Our theme is Unfinished. Again, I want to emphasize that although the work of Christ for our salvation is finished, His work through us is unfinished. Therefore, we are looking not only at an opportunity to reflect upon the past, but anticipate what is going to happen in the future. I look forward to seeing you there!

Well, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year. I enjoy it because, of course, we have an opportunity to have family, things slow down maybe for a brief time. But I’m always reminded that every day for the believer is Thanksgiving. I want you to know, in recent years, one of my basic prayers is that, Lord, give me a heart of gratitude. And for you, I would pray and I would hope that we’d all have a heart of gratitude for all that God’s done. And our role is to give Him the glory as grateful hearts.

One last word about Myers-Mallory. It’s not too late, of course, to make a contribution to this ministry of missions and giving that touches so many things, complimenting the CP budget, but going beyond that and supplementing ministries in unique ways: church planting, church revitalization, disaster relief, global missions, and WMU Ministries. That’s what Myers-Mallory is all about. We hope that you’ll consider to give generously and sacrificially to the Myers-Mallory State Missions offering. Again, see you at the convention. Happy Anniversary. Have a great Thanksgiving. To God be the glory.

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