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Moms' Night Out

For most of us, we are eagerly looking for wholesome family entertainment that gives us some laughs and not blushes. Thankfully, producers, directors and actors are responding to this growing family-oriented audience. The Kendrick brothers have done us a favor with “Facing the Giants” and several other features that fit this category.

On the Set of “Mom’s Night Out” (L-R): Rick Lance, Sean Astin, Pam Lance, Sarah Drew.
On the Set of “Moms’ Night Out” (L-R): Rick Lance, Sean Astin, Pam Lance, Sarah Drew.

Now Alabama brothers Jon and Andrew Erwin have joined the ranks of Christians who are making these types of movies. Their earlier film, “October Baby,” was well accepted by the viewing public. It also caught the attention of well-known actor Sean Astin who has a prominent role in their latest work, “Moms’ Night Out.”

Moms’ Night Out” is well named because it focuses upon mothers who have a supposedly stress-free night out on the town when actually things go awry. Sean Astin plays his part well as the father seeking to take care of the children while his wife and other ladies have their time together. His veteran acting gives credibility to his role.

Those of us from Alabama will notice familiar landmarks and perhaps some local Birmingham-area people we know who are extras in the movie. Last summer, my wife, Pam, and I had the opportunity to be on the set while a scene was being filmed. It was a unique privilege to literally be behind the camera when Sean Astin and a young child from Birmingham, who played the part of his son, were filmed for the movie.

Patricia Heaton, Alex Kendrick and Trace Adkins are others who are featured in the movie. They play their roles well. Patricia Heaton does an excellent job as the pastor’s wife. Alex Kendrick is a natural as the pastor. Trace Adkins has a surprising part in the film, but he is also a welcome addition to the cast.

Moms’ Night Out” is a fun movie. It reminds us of some of the life situations families confront which are laughable and most entertaining. The Erwin brothers know how to make a movie. They are rising stars in the film-making business. Although this movie is vastly different from “October Baby,” it has an inherently good message about families.

You may be concerned about some so-called family movies, but “Moms’ Night Out” is one you can view without trepidation. It reminds you that laughter is good medicine for the soul. We can be thankful to the Erwin brothers and the fine cast who made this movie worthy of a family night out.

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