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Same Mission but a New Address

We are moving! Your State Board of Missions facility has been located in Montgomery since 1962. That means we have had our resource center for Great Commission Ministries on South Boulevard in Montgomery for more than 55 years. That is now changing.

In a matter of a couple of weeks, we will have transitioned to our new location in Prattville. This is a providential experience for sure. The Lord worked all of this out in His good plan. Time does not permit me the joy of telling the whole story, but there is so much for which we can be grateful related to this move.

First, this is a very good location geographically for all of our people. Using Interstate 65 as a point of reference, the new facility is more centralized than our current one.

Second, the facility better fits our needs. Our staff is half the size it was when I came to this position 20 years ago. The new facility reflects that change.

Third, the new facility is more economical. It is far more energy-efficient due to technological changes. Most important, we are debt-free because we have exchanged keys with Baptist Health. They are now assuming our facility in Montgomery, and they have built us the new one in Prattville.

Fourth, we need your patience in the days to come. There will be some transitional challenges for us. Think about moving into a new home and multiply that manyfold, and you’ll have some idea of what we are facing.

Fifth, our Executive Committee and State Board of Missions trustees meet February 1-2 — their first meeting at our new location.

After the moving process is completed and the dust has settled a bit, we look forward to announcing opportunities for Alabama Baptist groups to visit their new State Board facility.

A closing thought: Earlier this week, your state missions staff enjoyed a brief respite from moving preparations to attend a service of closure and gratitude for the present facility.

We are grateful for the opportunity to have served God from this Montgomery location even as we will do so in the future from the new location. We will continue to be a resource center for Alabama Baptists on mission with the Great Commission.

If you would like to view the archived Facebook Live video of this service of closure, please go online to http://ht.ly/RZ4F30hAoNC.

Thank you for your prayer support during the coming weeks of transition. Continue to pray for us as we look to the future. Alabama Baptists have much for which we can be grateful. This new facility is one of those for sure.

New Year’s Blessing,

Rick Lance
I Corinthians 4:2

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