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May 2023

Hello, Alabama Baptists. You don’t have to be reminded, we’re now in the month of May and the month of May brings a whole lot of new opportunities as we look toward the summer, not the least of which is Vacation Bible School.

I have to tell you again and again every single year that I know that my personal conversion experience was deeply related to the Vacation Bible School time in my youth. It was special to me. It was a turning point for me. Through the years, boys and girls and young people have been brought to the Lord during Vacation Bible School.

I want you to know that we here at the State Board of Missions want to help you, assist you in any way, so that you’ll have an experience at Vacation Bible School for your entire church family. You can impact families, not just boys and girls, young people. Entire families can be changed by a good emphasis on Vacation Bible School. And remember, my personal opinion, Vacation Bible School is the greatest opportunity for you to have an evangelistic experience in the life of your church.

So from one lover of Vacation Bible School to all of you, I pray in this particular time of preparation for it that you will have the best ever and that God will receive the glory. Thank you very much, Alabama Baptists.

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