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March 2024

Alabama Baptists, we’re looking forward, all of us, to celebrating another Resurrection Day – that being Easter Sunday. Every time I think about Easter, I think about that important, most essential fact that Jesus was not bound by the grave. He overcame death and resurrected. Therefore, we have life abundant through Him and life eternal through Him.

I also oftentimes think about Simon Peter, the one who denied Jesus three times. And the revelation to him came from the women who had visited the tomb and heard the words, “He is not here, he’s risen. Go tell the disciples.” But that wasn’t enough. The messenger said, “Go tell the disciples and Peter that He’s going before them into Galilee.”

Now, why was the “and Peter” placed in there? Because Simon Peter had denied Jesus. Not once, not twice, but three times. I think it was a way, if I could sermonize just a little bit, of reminding us that when we fail Jesus, He has a plan for us in restoration. What He was saying to Simon Peter, He is saying to us: that He still plans to use us, that He still trusts us. We’re fallible beings, but as we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus, we know He has the ultimate, perfected victory over all we face. Therefore, we celebrate Easter Sunday. God bless you.

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