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March 2023

As Alabama Baptists, we know what being on mission is. It involves praying, giving, and going; that’s at least what it involves. Praying is important. The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering Week of Prayer begins March 5th and goes through March 12th. It is very necessary that we emphasize giving to the Annie Armstrong Offering because it helps support 2,400 missionary families and that’s all across North America.

Think about this: in the United States and in Canada, there are 371 million people in the population and growing. Of that, sadly, 281 million have been classified as unreached or lost. Therefore, our work is cut out for us.

Praying for those who are serving the Lord and serving in representation of us in various places in North America is most important; giving to make it happen. The goal offering is $70 million, of which Alabama Baptists have our own goal of $6 million. We hope we can come close to $7 million and and be a 10% state convention.

But as we do so, we reminded that praying and giving also involves going. We’ve had the opportunity, some here in our state of recent, to be able to get to know the Costellos who are in New York City, at their church, and neighborhood church and they’ve gone there to help them in what they’re doing in church planting there in that mega metro area. That has really been helpful to Alabama Baptists because they’ve been able to see firsthand the needs in these urban areas.

But furthermore, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with the Gibbons who have gotten started in a good way out in Las Vegas. Not an easy place to serve, of course, but these two fine young couples have, not only those two, but many others, have received people and welcomed them to help them and they are connected to Alabama Baptists. That’s what we try to do, connect with those who are serving the Lord on mission, who consider Alabama home.

So Alabama Baptists, remember to pray. Remember to give, give sacrificially, to the Annie Armstrong Offering and then, when you can, go because it makes a difference in your life and the lives of others.

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