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March 2022

Hello, Alabama Baptists, I suppose you’re like me. You’re saddened by the news in Ukraine, seeing all the damage and destruction, the innocent people being hurt and killed. Seeing a nation ravaged by an invasion. Thinking about the 2 million people coming across the border as of now, in neighboring countries seeking refuge, therefore they need relief.

On behalf of Alabama Baptist, your State Board of Missions sent $100,000 to the IMB for Ukrainian relief efforts. Any money that comes to us designated for Ukrainian relief efforts will go to the IMB. They have have boots on the ground. They’re there working with the people of those nations trying to help those coming across the border.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Pray for the leadership, pray for an intervention, a resolution to this conflict. But until then, let’s give generously to help those who are in great need. God bless you.

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