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Major Otis Corbitt Reports for Duty!

State Missionary Otis Corbitt will be reporting for duty to serve as a chaplain in Iraq with the 441st Ordnance Battalion (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) of the Alabama National Guard.

Recently, we had a commissioning service for him at the State Board of Missions. During this occasion, I made three observations based on I Thessalonians 5:23-24.

I. Otis Corbitt is going to war, but he serves a God of peace.

Paul speaks strongly about “the God of peace” being the One we serve (vs. 23).

I am a student of military history, but I do not pretend to understand war. All I know is that the God of peace is in control of this world, and we pray to Him for guidance — even when friends and family go to war.

My prayer is that the God of peace will bring peace to that troubled region. I pray He will use Otis as His servant during this tour of duty in Iraq.

II. Otis Corbitt has been called up by the military, but he is going as a missionary.

Otis is not just an Army Major, he is a God-called missionary, who has served on the international field, as an associational missionary in Alabama and, of course, as a state missionary.

Now Otis goes as a missionary through the military. His role is different, but his calling is the same. He is called to be on mission with the Great Commission!

III. Otis is being faithful to his calling, and he serves God, who is faithful.

As Paul declared in I Thessalonians 5:24: “He who calls you is faithful; He will surely do it.” Great is His faithfulness to us, and I know Otis Corbitt will be faithful to Him while serving our country in Iraq.

Yes, Otis Corbitt is reporting for duty as Major Otis Corbitt. He is also going as a missionary. Pray for him and especially for his family while he is away from his missions assignment in Alabama serving our Lord in Iraq. Pray for his effectiveness in being a GPS (God’s Plan for Sharing) missionary while in uniform.

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