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June 2023

Hello again, Alabama Baptists. We are looking forward to summer, all of us. Looking forward to some time to have vacation but I wanna remind you of a story I heard years ago.

A man was in a conversation with a pastor and he was asking him some things and he said, “What are you about to do?” He said, “I’m about to go on vacation and I’m going to go on vacation without God.” Now, he was being somewhat funny and joking but, the more I thought about that, it’s really a sad moment when some people knowingly or unknowingly take a vacation without God.

This summer, we know that our walk with Christ continues, whether we’re on the beach or in the mountains, or traveling other places. We wanna walk with God. We do not want to be on vacation from him but be on vacation with him.

I commend you for taking time off having an occasion to have less stress, but in the midst of it, let us stay focused on who Christ is the great commission and who we are in Christ.

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