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July 2022

Hey, Alabama Baptist!
Let me ask you a question. Is it hot enough for you yet? Yes, we’ve received the heat wave for sure. A little rain across the state has helped a great deal.

What I’ve been hearing from reports from the churches locally has really encouraged me about Vacation Bible School, and I pray that will continue to be the case. But let me segue into something that is a matter of concern for me, and perhaps to you.

If you attended the Southern Baptist Convention in Anaheim, or if you didn’t, and you have questions you’d like to ask you think I could answer or concerns you’d like to express, I’d ask you to contact our office at 1-800-264-1225 and ask for the Executive Office. I’ll do what I can to answer all of your questions. If not, I’ll try to get someone to help answer the questions. I will listen to your concerns. We’re in this together, Alabama Baptist.

In Alabama Baptist life, we’ve been trying to have clarity, stability, and yes, unity. We pray the same in the SBC family as well. To that degree, we can make a good influence and make a wonderful contribution to SBC life. Let’s do it together, and let’s give God the glory.

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