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January 2024

Well, hello, Alabama Baptists! By now, you’ve gotten a great start into the new year, and I hope it has been a good and productive one. Let me take this opportunity to remind you of that wonderful experience we call the Evangelism Conference. This is a time of really encouraging one another and being encouraged from others outside the state and inside the state, in terms of being able to do evangelism more effectively, personal evangelism, as well as church evangelism.

The lineup is superb. Sunday night, you have Dr. Jamie Dew from New Orleans Baptist Seminary, president of that institution, and our friend Dr. Reginald Calvert. On Monday, we have an opportunity to hear Charles Carter and Matt Queen, who is a professor of evangelism at Southwestern Seminary. I was scheduled to be on the program, but I’ve asked Rob Jackson to take my place. I’ll be there to introduce him, but I want us to be able to have an opportunity to hear from him as he considers the mission and the efforts of evangelism in Alabama Baptist life.

We’ll have a luncheon, a free luncheon, on Monday, and it’s barbecue. Herb Reavis will be there for us and giving us a delightful opportunity to hear from him. I’m always impressed, encouraged, and pleased by the experience of being around fellow Alabama Baptists at the Annual Evangelism Conference. We hope to see you at First Baptist Pelham, January 28 and 29!

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