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January 2023

Well, belated happy New Year. Let me talk about three words which I think are very important to us as we advance into this new year.

One is unfinished. The Great Commission ministries God has given us, that the Lord Jesus has commanded us, they’re unfinished, and we need to be reminded of that every so often. So this year, it’s gonna be one of my words, one of my themes: unfinished. Let’s join together in continuing the work of fulfilling the Great Commission in various ways and Great Commission ministries.

The second word is evangelism. At the end of this month, January 29 and 30, we will have a Sunday night and Monday morning evangelism conference at Lakeside Baptist Church there in Birmingham. Speakers such as our own Ben Stubblefield from Spring Hill in Mobile will be with us. We’ll also have our friend Willie McLaurin back with us to share. What an outstanding preacher he is. And then on Monday morning, very special lineup, we have Fred Luter. We all love Fred and know him. We have Chuck Lawless, who is also a very endearing and encouraging voice, and then Mac Brunson, a Birmingham area pastor well-known across the SBC. It’s an evangelism conference focusing on encouraging us to be evangelists.

Unfinished, evangelism, and serve. March 10 and 11 in the River Region we call the Greater Montgomery area, the North American Mission Board, in partnership with the State Board of Missions and the associations in Montgomery, Autauga, and Elmore, are participating in what is called a Serve Tour. It will be projects, ministry projects which will help the underserved and will impact local communities with the gospel, a great opportunity for us to have hands-on ministries. There’ll be some information on the screen where you can register and sign up to be a part of this. We would welcome your participation. It’s a first for us at Alabama Baptist life, so we would like to have you to be a part of this very special time.

Unfinished, the Great Commission. Evangelism, encouragement for evangelism. Serve, serving people who need the gospel. Those are three great words for the new year.

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