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It Must Have Been a God Event

As residents of North Carolina continue to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers in the Yellow Shirt Army have deployed to help those in need.

Working alongside the volunteers are state missionaries such as Mark Wakefield (Disaster Relief Strategist) and Jamie Baldwin (Sunday School & Discipleship Ministries).

From North Carolina comes this wonderful testimony, a poignant example of how God answers prayers and often in surprising ways.

Here’s a powerful story from Mark Wakefield:

Our teams are working in Hope Mills, N.C., a suburb of Fayetteville. The teams are being hosted by Southview Baptist Church. They have been great hosts.

The first week started slowly but has gotten busier. The feeding team put out more than 9,000 meals on Saturday.

The waters are receding slowly in some places. As they do, the assessors are finding more homes in which to work.

On Wednesday, Jamie Baldwin took a work order to assess. He went to a house on Lexington Drive to a homeowner named Mary. Without realizing it, he had transposed two numbers in his GPS.

He and Larry Teel found a house with a tree down. They knocked on the door and asked for Mary. The lady said her name was Mary.

Jamie told her who they were and what they could do about getting her tree cleaned up at no cost.

She became quite emotional. Her husband had died a few months ago and she didn’t know what she was going to do.

During her daily prayer ritual, Mary was telling God that she needed help and didn’t know what to do.

About this time, Jamie came to her door. They got to talk about how God specifically answers prayer, and Mary and Jamie also stopped and thanked God for answering prayers.

When Jamie and Larry got back to the church, the homeowner from the original job order wanted to know when the assessors were coming to her house.

It was then that Jamie realized that they had been to the wrong house. Obviously, it was a God event.

Please continue to pray for all in the Yellow Shirt Army as they provide practical help with such frontline ministries as tree removal and providing meals.

Pray also that as God’s love and the Gospel are shared that more will come to know Christ as Lord and Savior.

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