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Beyond Giving Tuesday

For Christmas shoppers, Black Friday has become almost an annual ritual. The doors open early — not just on Black Friday but on Thanksgiving night — which is ridiculous. People who work at these stores deserve some time off. Thanksgiving is one such day of respite.

Cyber Monday is a relatively new sales promotion. The term was coined by Ellen Davis in 2005 to bolster e-commerce, and it did just that. Last year, sales reached close to $3 billion. This year, that amount of sales will most likely become a reality.

Giving Tuesday is an even more recent phenomenon. Activists have used this day as an effort to promote their causes globally. Charitable groups have followed that path to some extent. It is a catchy takeoff on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and perhaps it has a place for us in this highly connected and overly commercialized world.

My appeal is simple. As Christians, giving goes beyond any Tuesday! We are called to give generously, cheerfully and regularly. The ministries of churches could not survive, much less thrive, on a one-day approach to giving. If Giving Tuesday serves as a reminder of the importance of being a practicing tither and faithful giver, then that is good. I am all for it!

Let Giving Tuesday be a time of consecrated and concentrated focus on giving to what makes a difference. Your church is on mission with the Great Commission. Your church needs your support as a godly giver. Giving Tuesday could be a day to catch up on your gifts, or even go beyond the call of duty in giving.

Giving Tuesday might also serve as the time you make that contribution to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions. That is exactly what I chose to do on this Giving Tuesday.

I believe in the Cooperative Program: the preferred way of supporting missions here, there and everywhere. I further believe in giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. It is a parallel to giving through the Cooperative Program. Both impact the world for Christ.

Black Friday has come and gone. Cyber Monday has done the same, but Giving Tuesday can be a time of commitment to make giving to the cause of Christ a lifestyle. That would make an eternal difference.

Giving Beyond Tuesday is the way we should live!

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