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Georgia Worsham

Georgia Worsham was the wife of her deceased husband, Noel Worsham. They were married almost 60 years. She was blessed with three children: Noel Worsham Jr., Pamela Worsham Lance and Sherry Worsham Bagby. Georgia treasured the joy of having eight grandchildren. She lived long enough to enjoy the experience of having 12 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren.

Georgia was a member of Gardendale’s First Baptist Church. She was active in the Joy Sunday School Class. She cherished these ladies as dear friends who cared for each other.

Georgia Worsham relished playing the piano most all of her life. In her earlier years, she was the church pianist at her home church. To the end of her life, she still had a piano in her home where there were times of hymn singing with her family.

All through her more than 90 years in this life, Georgia was a quiet prayer warrior who prayed for her family, for others in her sphere of influence and for those who were in need. This was one of the ways she sought to make a difference in people’s lives.

Georgia Worsham had an effervescent personality which drew people to her for fellowship and friendship. She was well known for her laughter and conversational skills. Those who knew her best realized that for Georgia Worsham a good conversation was good for the soul.

In her last days, Georgia received meticulous care by her two daughters, Pam and Sherry. The Affinity Hospice group also provided personal medical assistance.

One of her favorite hymns is “He Touched Me.” Throughout her life, the Lord touched Georgia Worsham in important ways, especially in her salvation experience. In her death, the Lord gave His welcoming touch to come home.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a contribution to Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief. You can contribute online at SBDR.org or send a check designated for Disaster Relief to the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions, P.O. Box 681970, Prattville, AL 36068-1970.

The funeral will be at Jefferson Memorial in Trussville on February 6 at 11 a.m. – graveside only, family & friends gathering.

Rick Lance

Col. 1:18

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