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Fired Up About 'Fireproof'

The Kendrick brothers have done it again! The makers of earlier films, “Flywheel” and “Facing the Giants,” have raised the bar even more with their new motion picture “Fireproof.” As screen writers, directors and producers, these two brothers, with backing of numerous volunteers, have turned the Hollywood culture of filmmaking on its ear. Major players in the Hollywood scene have taken notice of their success as filmmakers. This is a positive sign for the future as the Kendrick brothers look to other ventures in the world of the big screen.

Recently, we at the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions had an opportunity to preview the movie, which is scheduled to be in theatres later this month. “Fireproof” is not only a family-friendly story, it is unapologetically Christian in nature. The gospel message is presented in a crystal clear way as the dramatic story of marital conflict unfolds. With the addition of Kirk Cameron as the lead actor, the acting in this film has been thoroughly enhanced. The others in the film did outstanding jobs as well. Some cameo appearances are going to be familiar to Baptists, such as the acting debut of evangelist Bill Stafford as the next door neighbor. His comedic deadpan performance is at least worthy of a Christian academy award like honorable mention.

Churches have the opportunity to use this movie as an outreach effort. In addition to inviting people to accompany you to the theatre who are not professing Christians, the viewing of this film is one way to encourage those married couples struggling to find a way to stay together in a growing and stable relationship. “Fireproof” is a strong and convincing story about how Christ can be the glue in a marriage founded on love for Him. In fact, younger or older, married or single, there is hardly anyone who would not enjoy this account of how Christ can change lives.

For some time now, I have been intrigued by the power of storytelling as a means of sharing the gospel. “Fireproof” is an evidence of how storytelling on the silver screen can be done with purity of message and qualitative excellence.

As Christians, we have bemoaned the fact that the theatre has been hijacked by those who want to present dramas unfriendly to families and to those who follow Christ. This movie represents the antidote for such problems. It proves that you can be Christian and also be a quality filmmaker. The geniuses behind “Fireproof,” the Kendrick brothers, are very good at their craft.

As you can tell, I am fired up about “Fireproof.” I recommend it to you as a potentially enriching experience personally and as a means of sharing the Gospel with those who need to know Christ. There are people you know who can be touched by the message presented in this dramatic, life-changing story. Make plans now to see the film yourself. Contact people in your family and circle of friends and acquaintances who need to see the movie.

Can a motion picture be used to reach people for Christ? In the case of “Fireproof,” the answer is definitely yes. Fill up the church bus and go to this movie. More importantly, fill up the theatre with people who need to visualize how Christ can change lives and heal marriages. Get fired up about “Fireproof”! It is both a difference-maker and a joy to be experienced.

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