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February May Be Brief, But It's Full of Opportunity

Video Transcript:

Hello Alabama Baptist, and welcome to our February ministry update. I have several things I’d like to share with you, so bear with me as we consider the month of February. It may be a brief month, but it is impacted with ministry opportunities.

The first I’d like to mention is we’ve moved our hunger awareness from the fall of the year into February. So February 17 will be a time for us to focus on those who are in need of food and nutrition, helping the hungry.

Furthermore, we have a Pursue conference at Eastmont Baptist Church in Montgomery. Now, the Pursue conference is designed specifically at target audience of high school students and college students who come together to be encouraged in order that they might be witnesses for our Lord on the college campuses across our state.

Would you believe that we have approximately two hundred thousand un-reached college students in Alabama? That just blows my mind to think about that many people right here in the Bible belt.

We have a good number of people coming from the outside of the deep South, the Bible belt, to the campuses across our state as well as internationals from around the world.

The Pursue conference at Eastmont, February 22, 23. Remember to encourage your high school students, your college students to be a part of that.

Church planting, Church revitalization, Church replanting. All of that’s been out mind’s of late. We have a conference, February 25, Dawson Memorial Baptist Church, with a specialist by the name of John Mark Clifton. You may have heard of him, he is affiliated with the North American Mission Board. Our point person for Church Revitalization is Daniel Wilson.

At 1:30 that afternoon, at Dawson Memorial, that conference will be held prior to our State Evangelism Conference, which begins that night on February 25 and goes all the way through Tuesday to Tuesday night. The Evangelism Conference this year will have a unique focus.

Many of you can recall Sandi Patty, the music artist who brought, really, encouragement and inspiration to lives of so many across the year. She’s going to be with us as well as an up and coming name that you’ll be hearing more about, the co-pastor of Woodstock Baptist Church, Jeremy Morton.

Yes, February holds an opportunity for Ministry, even though it’s a brief month, we need to remember these special events because it’s an opportunity for you and your people, your church family, to be involved in Ministry.

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