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February 2024

Our theme this year for Alabama Baptists is Difference Makers. It’s something that I think is really an important reflection upon who we are supposed to be and what we need to do as Alabama Baptists – making a difference for Christ in the lives of others.

I came across a verse, Acts 20:24, and I want you to read it sometime. It talks about Paul’s purpose in life and that is, his mission. And all through it you hear, he’s saying, “I want to be a difference maker.” I invite you to look at that. This is gonna be my verse for the year.

But while we’re talking about Difference Makers, we have an opportunity to look toward an event or events in March, the month of March, on weekends down in Mobile: Making a Difference Mobile – making a difference there in the lives of people. There’s an opportunity for you to go on a website and sign up for Making a Difference Mobile, and we have that on the screen, so please do that and be a part of the events at least one of the weekends because we’re going to take this emphasis all across the state. Last year we had it in Montgomery; it went remarkably well. We think things will go well in Mobile. Next year will be with Dr. Craig Carlisle as a DOM in Gadsden and the Etowah area.

So as we think about this being a year for emphasizing Difference Makers, we all need to make a difference for Christ, and this is a good opportunity to set our face toward that actual goal and challenge. Join us for that event.

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