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February 2022

Alabama Baptist, you know the month of February is all about underscoring the wonderful gift of love. In popular culture, of course, we’re talking about exchanging cards with our loved ones, our ladies, our wives, and children. But in the Bible we’re reminded, it just resounds that the greatest of all love is the love that Jesus Christ has given us. “Greater than no man than this, is one who will lay down his life for those he loves.”

In expression of that, there are tangible ways we can think about God’s love. One is, we’re talking about Sharing Hope Conferences. One has already taken place. Three more regional ones will take place. It’s an opportunity for us to understand that the greatest gift we can offer to someone is the hope they find in Christ because he loves them.

Furthermore, we have MinistrySafe meetings across our state. February 24, The First Baptist Church of Decatur will be hosting it, and March 24, in the Southern part of our state, The First Baptist Church of Fairhope. It shows a need of expressing love in a very sensitive way. Taking care of those who are most vulnerable.

World hunger. Hunger is about us more than we think, right here in Alabama, we have people who are food-deficient. They’re insecure in relationship to it. World hunger touches the world, but it also touches Alabama. So when you give through means of world hunger, a percentage of that stays here in the state, to make sure, in local areas where there are great needs, we’re expressing the love of Christ, tangibly, by giving them a gift of food. Again, enjoy the month of February. Remember, every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before, and that’s because of his love.

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