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February 2023

Well, hello again, Alabama Baptists, and you and I know that this is February the month of love. Well, the word love is used in so many different ways. In fact, our English word love encompasses all kinds of love and much of it we really have a disdain for. But we know that if we understand who God is and who we are, we have agape love; the kind of love only God gives in a unique way because of His son, a love that flows from calvary and flows into our hearts as individual believers.

As we think about February, let’s think about the love of God. The love of God that gives us the opportunity and the ability, even though as human as we are and as flawed as we are, we can love people, even when they’re unlovable.

Speaking of loving people, we need to love our children. We need to protect our children. We need to love the vulnerable. I want to remind you that Alabama Baptists are in relationship, partnership with MinistrySafe. On February 23, in Calvary Dothan, we have an opportunity to have a workshop, helping you understand how to prevent sexual abuse and also how to protect your children and those who are vulnerable. There’s another one, March 23 in Valleydale in Birmingham, so be at one of those. There’s one in the north obviously, and one in the south. It gives us a unique opportunity to get together and learn something in order to show love for people, that is by protecting them.

As you know, Serve Tour is right here at Montgomery. We’re just a few weeks away now, and it’s still not too late for you to register to be a part of that. There are so many ways to exemplify love and this is one of them, and participating in work projects for the underserved in our area here. Thank you Alabama Baptists for being a people of love. Thank you for showing love for those, not only in your congregation, but in your communities, for love conquers all.

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