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Do You Believe in "Teachable Moments"?

he panel was being featured one afternoon on Fox News Channel. I had just arrived home for a quick meal. The panel of four political pundits from across the ideological spectrum was having a heated discussion related to health care reform or financial reform or the pervasive problem of budget deficits and the national debt.

To be honest with you, I cannot exactly remember which subject was being discussed on this particular day. What I do recall is a comment made by the provocative yet profound political columnist Charles Krauthammer. In the midst of the stimulating debate involving Juan Williams, Bill Kristol, Mara Liasson and Charles Krauthammer. The host asked Krauthammer, “Charles, do you believe in teachable moments”?

Apparently, that phrase had been used to describe how there had been an adjustment in policy and one of the other panelist said, “This is a teachable moment.” Charles Krauthammer is known for his precise use of language and sarcastic sense of humor. With a tongue-in-cheek kind of smile, Krauthammer quickly exclaimed, “I don’t believe in teachable moments.”
I do not have the faintest idea what was said after that comment. I was stuck on the statement. It was ringing in my ears and rolling around in my mind for the next few minutes. Later in the week, I returned to that exchange and gave the “teachable moment” comment more consideration.

The word “disciple” kept coming to my mind. Disciples are “learners” and followers of Christ who are called to be life long learners from the Master Teacher, the Lord Jesus Christ. With this worldview, Christians are to see life as filled with teachable moments.

All of us could catalogue a list of teachable moments we have experienced in this pilgrimage with Christ. When we became believers, we were made aware by the convicting power of God’s Holy Spirit that we are sinners, lost and condemned without Christ. That awareness was the consummate teachable moment for the new believer.

When I was called to preach and to give my life to Christ in full-time Christian service, it was a teachable moment indeed. I cannot fully explain the calling experience, I just know that the Lord’s claim on my life was and is real. Nothing can convince me otherwise.

During my ministry, I have been stopped in my tracks by the amazing realization of how the Lord was getting my attention and teaching me something very important. There are too many of these “teachable moments” to name and to describe. But that is not necessary for me to do for you, because you have you own “teachable moments” in your life.

Charles Krauthammer is a very intelligent man. He is often so profound in his observations and insights concerning current events. However, even the wisest and most intelligent person can be wrong or can speak without really thinking through comments. Perhaps Charles Krauthammer has had a “teachable moment” as a result of his statement about “teachable moments.” I pray that people everywhere will experience the biggest “teachable moment” in life. That is the moment when Jesus Christ becomes real to them as Lord and Savior.

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