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Disaster Relief and Ministry Safe

In this month’s video, Executive Director Rick Lance brings an update on Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief efforts in Lee County and highlights the importance of an upcoming MinistrySafe conference.

Video Transcript:

Alabama Baptists, these are sad and serious times.

First of all, let me talk to you about disaster relief.

You know about the experience of the tornado recently that hit east Alabama and the impact that it’s had and the scores of deaths who have already been mentioned, but what you may not have realized is that the yellow shirt army has been at work. And the needs are being met.

A couple of things I wanna mention to you related to that, one being that we are already beginning to share disaster relief funds with those in need using churches and by means of ministry to the people. And second is of course if you wanna give to this tornado relief we will do everything we can to make sure that the needs are met and you can help do that by giving to tornado relief.

Another matter when I said sad and serious, that’s the sad part, this is the serious part. One of the major concerns, growing concerns we have now in church life in general and Baptist life, in particular, is that we are very concerned about sex abuse. Not only what happened years ago, but how to prevent it. Our major area of concern here is to help our churches be safer places.

We believe churches are safe, but they can be safer. We have partnered with, you may have heard, MinistrySafe, which is an organization specializing in such matters as sex abuse and a predatory element out in our society. You can learn better how to be equipped and prepared for such instances.

These are sad and serious times. This is also a time which we can share the good news of Jesus Christ and though the situations and the environment may not be good, we know God is, He’s good, He’s great, He always has been, and He always will be.

God bless you, Alabama Baptists and thank you for being a part of Great Commission Ministries.

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