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December 2022

Let me give you some numbers. Numbers mean something. So let’s begin with a figure of 157,690. That’s how many people die around the world without knowing Jesus Christ. Your International Mission Board, our International Mission Board, they’re doing their best to do something about it and we as Alabama Baptists need to support the efforts of our International Mission Board.

They are having a goal this time, this year in Lottie Moon for $185 million. Last year was a banner year. Let’s make it the second year in a row and exceed that particular amount. And Alabama, our goal is 12 million. If you will make your check and send it through the State Board of Missions, we’ll make sure that it is counted and as a part of that $12 million goal and maybe, maybe prayerfully, we can exceed it.

Another couple of numbers that might help us as we think about the Lottie Moon Christmas offering, 190, almost 190 countries, who have IMB people serving. Now about 60% of them, we cannot even use their names because they’re serving in maybe some high-risk areas so therefore they may give a first name and a region or whatever, but they’re still representing Jesus, they’re representing us in a tough spot in the world.

Let me mention also 3,500, that’s how many are out there and we’re praying that the number will grow. And in order to do that, the growth comes from giving through the cooperative program and certainly giving through the Lottie Moon Christmas offering. Pam and I have already made our substantial gift to the Lottie Moon Christmas offering through our church. We pray you’ll do the same.

A lot’s happened this year, as we could say for every year. I guess if we had started ’22 and looked at thoughts about what might happen, we might not have considered an invasion in Ukraine where people’s lives are in danger. We pray for them because this is gonna be a tough Christmas for them, a tough winter. With Russian forces targeting the infrastructure of Ukrainians, they will have a very cold winter. Now, in thinking about them while we’re by the warm fireside and we’re having the warmth of our families, let’s remember people like that around the world. And remember, God is still at work even when man is doing his worst. This is an opportune time for us to thank the Lord for the gift of Jesus Christ, the one who saves and the one who allows us to serve. With that we can surely say, Merry Christmas!

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