2019 Week of Prayer for State Missions

In this month’s video, Executive Director Rick Lance reminds us that September 8 is both the start of the Week of Prayer for State Missions, with a focus on the Myers-Mallory State Missions Offering, along with Baptism Sunday across the SBC. Hello, Alabama Baptist. September is right around the corner, and September 8th is a big […]

Save the Dates for Inaugural Week of Prayer

Things don’t matter, but people do.

“Things don’t matter, but people do.” That was a quote often cited by martyred international missionary Dr. Martha Myers. She lived out sacrificially the fact that people really do matter. The things of this world — no — they don’t really matter; they’re temporal. She looked at the eternal. Every time she touched a life — […]

What About Giving Warriors?

In his book The Treasure Principle, author Randy Alcorn pointed out something so obvious that I wondered why I had not considered the truth before now. “You have heard about prayer warriors: What about ‘giving warriors’?” Thankfully, I have known and benefitted from having prayer warriors in my life. You know them too. They have […]

Where is “Stew”?

Many years ago – okay, it was 1984 – there was an immensely popular commercial for fast food burgers, which posed the memorable question, “Where’s the beef?”. It was one of those quotable lines which became a part of the vernacular. When people where asking questions about substance concerning a matter, “Where’s the beef?” was often […]