Praying for Our Missionaries, Giving to Missions

During the past several weeks, Southern Baptists have learned that the International Mission Board is facing especially challenging times as it seeks to deal with stark financial realities.  As part of the path forward, the IMB has offered to many employees the option to accept a VRI (“voluntary retirement incentive”) that will have perhaps hundreds […]

A Time For Purposeful Praying and Generous Giving

Throughout our history, Alabama Baptists have been faithful in support of Southern Baptist international missionaries — through faithful praying and generous giving.  Our missions personnel continue to express their gratitude for the support of Alabama Baptists. This is a time, now more than ever, to be purposeful in our praying for our international missionaries as […]

The Smile Makes All The Difference

During my fast-track visit in Haiti, I was able to meet many pastors and associational leaders as well as my approximate counterpart in missions and ministry assignments. When we would greet each other, broad smiles enveloped the faces of these Haitian Christian leaders. The old adage about having a winning smile could be traced applicably […]