Good News for Bad Times

With his rich resonant voice, actor Dennis Haysbert begins an Allstate Insurance commercial with the statement, “If this is not a recession, it sure feels like it.” The debate between economists centers around the question, “Are we technically in a recession in terms of the historic means of measuring one?” Haysbert’s commercial hits the emotional […]

Evangelistic Traveling and Praying

February is a busy travel month for many of us who serve as your state missionaries. Some of our staff are leading conferences, workshops and consultations across the state as we seek to help Alabama Baptists become even more effective in fulfilling the Great Commission. Other state missionaries will be traveling for other needs such […]

Church Fires and Spiritual Droughts

CHURCH FIRES The first concern is the recent series of church fires involving the physical facilities of Alabama Baptist congregations in Chilton and Russell counties. There’s no doubt we need to pray for the congregations who had facilities burned by fire – much of the damage quite extensive. All this brings back memories from two […]