Easy Arithmetic

During the early years of my elementary education, I was rather good at numbers or arithmetic. When the so called “new math” came along, I didn’t do as well. I want to propose some easy arithmetic for us to remember as Alabama Baptists. The Evangelism/Discipleship Team at the State Board of Missions is leading in […]


How do you lose a jumbo jet carrying 239 passengers? That is the question perplexing people across the world. As of this writing, Australian rescue officials are investigating debris in the southern Indian Ocean, possibly from Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. (Click here for the latest news.) For the moment, however, the flight remains lost to […]

VBS, A GPS Strategy

God’s Plan for Sharing is a decade-long strategic emphasis on the part of Southern Baptists. Across Alabama is the first phase of this crucial effort of reaching people for Christ. Across Alabama points to a celebration of harvest on Easter Sunday. I look forward to participating in one of these Easter celebrations at Heritage Baptist […]