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August 2022

Hello, Alabama Baptist!

Through the years, you’ve heard me say thousands of times, probably, we have one mission, the great commission, and one program, the cooperative program, many ministries, we call them great commission ministries. That’s more than just a motto, it’s a realistic mission point of what we’re trying to do as Alabama Baptist, and with our partner, the larger Southern Baptist Convention family. We’ve had a new addition to our staff, in regard to our cooperative program, and what we call church financial resources – Jay Stewart. He’s the pastor at the First Baptist Church of Asheville, and he’s come alongside us, helping us to do what we can together through the cooperative program.

Jay, tell them a little bit about your excitement for this new opportunity in your ministry.

Well, I’m really excited about it and have always had an opportunity as a Southern Baptist to participate in the cooperative program in so many ways, and now I get a chance to meet pastors and churches that are coming together to do the great commission, and so I’m looking forward to meeting you and being in your churches.

And I’d invite you to have Jay in your association, or in your church, and remember the cooperative program, it’s what we do together, and we have a kingdom impact in doing so. God bless you!

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