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April 2022

Alabama Baptist, I’d like to invite you to be a part of a very special Zoom call to prayer for peace in Ukraine. In fact, that’s going to be the theme of our prayer time together. It will be brief but we’ll be focusing on peace and praying for it. Praying for the people involved. Seeking opportunities to be evangelistic. Having all the people in mind especially those who are refugees, and the coming together that we need to have is the people of God focusing on those needs as well as praying for the end of this conflict. That day is April 6th, 10:30. It’ll be very brief. We would like for you to join us on that zoom call to prayer. Our burden is heavy. Our need for prayer is great.

On a much brighter note. When we think about Easter if we had to sum it up in just a couple of words he is risen. Three words that really have changed the world. Jesus Christ is risen. We celebrate that resurrection life every single day because he is the resurrection and he gives us resurrection life. We celebrated every Sunday, the Lord’s day. But on Easter Sunday, the resurrection Sunday we give it a very intense focus, because we want to declare that our Lord is risen.

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