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April 2021

Well, the phone rang on Easter morning at five o’clock that particular morning. A lady answered the phone. Her pastor said, “Grace, it’s time to get up.” Well, the reason they were calling Grace was to remind her of the sunrise service. Why? Because a year before she had forgotten it. The pastor went on to say, “Grace, Jesus arose on Easter. “And it’s time for you to rise up “and get ready for sunrise service.”

Now, whether or not you’re having a sunrise service, probably, most of our churches are having in-person worship and preparing for some of the larger crowds we’ve seen in this COVID period. We want you to know as a team here at the State Board of Missions, as your state missionaries, we are praying for you. And we’re looking forward to hearing reports of a harvest, of fellowship and evangelism from this Easter. He has risen, and we need to rise up to the occasion as well.

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