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Abbreviated Leadership Lessons

For the past year, Twitter has been part of my daily tech life. It’s a strategy that has allowed me to interact with young Baptist leaders and others who regard this as a preferred communications environment.

As a unique communications tool, Twitter offers some unique challenges – chief among them: how to communicate effectively in “tweets” of 140 characters or less.

Those who tweet have turned to abbreviations and developed something of a shorthand system of packing as much information as possible into 140 keystrokes.
One of my ongoing goals with Twitter has been to share insights regarding Christian leadership. For this my final blog entry of the year, I’d like to share with you some of the “leader tweets” I’ve sent during 2009:

  • Leadership observation. Every ministry needs dreamers, detail mgrs, decision makers. The ldr, 2 some extent, has 2 be good at all of them.
  • Revival is a good word. It is more than a series of meetings. It is meeting with the Lord, then meeting with others who need 2 know Him.
  • Christians in the USA know the meaning of “living beyond our means.” Wonder what would happen if we learned 2 “give beyond our means”?
  • Leadership observation: Real ldrs r both confident & modest. For Christian ldrs, we have confidence n Christ, & we r humbled by His calling.
  • Leadership obsrvtn: Hiring good attitude & teaching skills is usu effective. Bad attitudes, even w/excellent skills, r disasterous.
  • The challenge of Great Commission Christians is 2 make a world of difference in an indifferent world. I want 2 be that kind of Christian!
  • Ldrship obsrvtn: Christian ldrs learn from Jesus how 2 lead. Lead like a shepherd guiding sheep, not like a cowboy driving a herd of cows.
  • Our lives w/out Christ are like “clunkers.” Christ offers Himself 4 our sins. Not “cash 4 clunkers” but Christ 4 clunkers. In Christ alone!
  • Leadership observation: No one goes undefeated in life. Leaders learn far more from their failures than from their successes.
  • Growing 2 believe that passion 4 God must b wedded 2 godly patience in order 2 receive wisdom from God. He has passion 4 us, patience w/us.
  • In life, no Oscars given 2 people 4 having integrity. For Christians of character, there will be “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”
  • Someone said, “One criticism can erase 12 compliments.” Criticisms, compliments are human opinions. Need to remember what Jesus thinks.
  • Leadership observation: There are enough celebrities in the world. Our Lord is looking for a few good servants.
  • Blessed are the flexible for they rarely get bent out of shape. Firm foundation on Christ. Flexible in circumstances of life.
  • The greatest call of all is to become a Great Commission Christian.
  • Sleepwalking is dangerous. Prayerwalking is too, but in an eternally positive way.
  • For Great Commission Christians, love has to be a verb!
  • Leadership observation: Let passion drive you, and let reason hold the reins.
  • I am afraid that nominal Christianity has become the normal Christian life.
  • No Christian is the main character in his/her story of life. Christ is the main character in story of the Christian.
  • “You are the master of unspoken words, the servant of spoken words, the slave to written words.” (unknown)

To read more, check out http://www.twitter.com/ricklance.

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