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A Tribute to Edwin and Joan Jenkins

State Missionary Edwin Jenkins has been called as the new pastor of the First Baptist Church of Athens, Ala. For more information, CLICK HERE to visit the church’s web site.

For almost 10 years, Edwin Jenkins has served Alabama Baptists as a state missionary with the State Board of Missions. During this time, he has given direction to the development of the Office of Leadership & Church Growth. This was a new position when Edwin came to lead in the ministry. He devoted himself tirelessly helping church leaders, as well as associational and state missionaries, to develop their innate leadership skills.

I have known Edwin and Joan Jenkins essentially all my life. I first met Joan as a preschooler in church, and later I became acquainted with Edwin. My first recollection of him was at a speaker’s tournament where he delivered an artful presentation which made a lasting impression on me. As many of you know, he is an eloquent and articulate communicator. This is a God-given ability which has been used so effectively in preaching the Gospel and in seminar presentations throughout his ministry.

I admire many other qualities about Edwin Jenkins. He is an energetic and enthusiastic person. His radiance and effervescence are trademarks of the personality of my friend, Edwin. His work ethic cannot be equaled by anyone, because going the second mile in ministry is his first priority. At times I have wished I could bottle up his energy and use it later to energize my life or to sell some of it and become a wealthy man. Seriously, anyone who knows Edwin Jenkins realizes that you cannot outwork him. He is without peer in this category.

I also appreciate the fact that Edwin is an excellent example of healthy Christian family life. Joan and he have three well-adjusted grown children, and they are the proudest of grandparents as well. Joan and Edwin are a dream team in terms of their relationship to each other. She has been a partner in ministry everywhere they have been called to serve. They have taught leadership seminars together while Edwin has served as a state missionary. In fact I think we all would agree that Joan and Edwin are inseparable.

Thank you, Edwin and Joan, for your faithfulness to the call. As you transition to the First Baptist Church of Athens you can be assured that your friends all over Alabama will be praying for you. We know that you have sought the will of God in this matter, and we at the State Board of Missions will miss you. However, we believe the best is yet to be for you and for the family of faith called First Baptist Athens. As the trite but true expression goes “our loss is their gain”. Thank you for your friendship and faithfulness.

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