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A New Leader for a New Day

Alabama Baptists have a new leader among us. Jennifer Rash has now officially assumed the role of senior leader at our state paper, The Alabama Baptist. We need to welcome her warmly as she begins her tenure at the paper.

I was impressed with Jennifer the first time I met her more than 20 years ago. She was new to the staff of The Alabama Baptist, and I immediately saw that this was one talented individual.

Talent, or giftedness, is important in any role in life and ministry, but it is especially needed for the senior leader of The Alabama Baptist. Jennifer has demonstrated that she is an effective Christian professional in her own right.

By training, Jennifer has become a professional in her field. She is a graduate of the University of Alabama and Beeson Divinity School. She understands her ministry role very well.

In addition to her talent and training, I am inspired by the testimony of Jennifer Rash. She is one of us, a part of the Alabama Baptist family. She grew up in one of our churches in Phil Campbell.

Her background at Shades Mountain Baptist Church and now NorthPark has helped her to stay connected to Alabama Baptists. She loves the family of faith called Alabama Baptists, and that is evident every time I am around her.

Yes, Jennifer Rash is talented. Yes, she has the proper training for this leadership role. Her testimony of faith in Christ is unquestioned. Her love for Alabama Baptists radiates from her life and witness.

This leads to yet another attribute which is unique to Jennifer. She has the right temperament for senior leadership. This leadership trait is vitally important as one seeks to lead others.

Jennifer is a relational magnet. People are drawn to her because she genuinely cares about them. This means that the staff at The Alabama Baptist, the people in churches across the state in Alabama Baptist life, as well as the entities of our state convention, will have someone who exemplifies a warm-hearted concern for them and their ministries.

In my mind, there is no one more qualified to be the senior leader at The Alabama Baptist. Jennifer, a Christian professional, has earned this opportunity. We should all rejoice with her and her family, as well as the staff at The Alabama Baptist. This is a new day for The Alabama Baptist and for all Alabama Baptists.

Thank you, Jennifer, for being a hard-working person who has evidenced patience through the years as the Lord shaped you for this opportune time in your life. You are a blessing to us as Alabama Baptists, and we are committed to praying for you as you give leadership at the state paper. You are one of us, and we are proud of you!

Rick Lance
1 Corinthians 4:1-2

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