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A Faithful Convention

Alabama Baptists are faithful people. During this past convention, we had an opportunity to see and hear testimonies as to that faithfulness. From the beginning to the end of the convention, the theme “Faithful” was highlighted in a stellar fashion.

Our convention president preached a powerful message on faithfulness to the Gospel in times of complacency. John Thweatt represented us well not only in preaching this message but in presiding over the convention in a fair and faithful way.

Theme interpreters Jimmy Jackson and Ken Allen highlighted how God is faithful to us and how we are to be faithful to Him. These two men opened up their hearts and shared so transparently with us during this time.

Terrence Jones, pastor of Strong Tower at Washington Park (Montgomery Association), added much to the emphasis on faithfulness. He was forceful and forthright in his pastoral and prophetic convention sermon. Terrence connected with his Alabama Baptist family with a Biblical, practical, sound message.

The Tuesday evening service was a unique one indeed. The intergenerational choir ranging from ages 8 to 89 demonstrated faithfulness in vivid ways, especially with the testimony of Harold Newberry.

The sermon Tuesday evening from Al Mohler was most memorable. His more than 25 years at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is an outstanding testimony to his faithfulness to the Lord and the Lord’s faithfulness to him. His contribution to our convention meeting was a blessing.

The entity leaders underscored how their ministry is one of faithfulness to the Great Commission. The heartwarming testimonies were notable as well. We appreciate their concerted efforts in focusing on the theme.

Our new convention officers are the personification of faithfulness. Each man is a committed pastor who will represent Alabama Baptists faithfully as they discharge their duties. This is a good team of leaders, and they are committed to the One Mission, The Great Commission.

I want to thank all Alabama Baptists who participated in the state convention for their faithfulness too. Most Alabama Baptists will not be on the stage for some kind of presentation, but all of us are called upon to exemplify faithfulness to the Lord and for that I am grateful. I am grateful that I am a part of the Alabama Baptist family, and I have never been more proud of our convention family.

Be found faithful,

Rick Lance

1 Corinthians 4:1-2

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