A Back-to-School Prayer Time

Every year, many of our churches have a time in which they pray for our students, teachers/professors and administrators as schools, colleges and universities open for the new school year. This year, this time of prayer is needed more than ever due to the growing concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Consider a special time […]

A Personal Credo Concerning Racism

Like so many others, I am heartsick concerning the recent ugly events which have highlighted the sin of racism among us. As one who remembers the civil rights movement and the various efforts by people of the past and present seeking the breakdown of racial barriers that have plagued our society, I grieve over the […]

Southern Baptist leaders issue joint statement on the death of George Floyd

NASHVILLE (BP) — Southern Baptist leaders have published a statement grieving the recent death of George Floyd and calling for the end of “racial inequity in the distribution of justice in our country.” The statement, co-authored by SBC president J.D. Greear and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary president Jamie Dew was unanimously signed by all […]

Call to Prayer – Final Week

Video Transcript: If you’re like me you never tire of reflecting upon the Lord’s Prayer, there’s always something new we can learn. As you know, probably by now, we have been focusing on the Lord’s Prayer for the past two weeks in our Online Call to Prayer. This next emphasis will be about praying for […]