A Christmas Prayer for God’s People

As Baptists, we are not known for our written prayers. As a young pastor, I actually frowned upon such things. I am certain I was somewhat critical of those who thoughtfully prepared, in written form, prayers for Sundays and other worship occasions. That was my problem and not theirs. I assumed that spontaneity and extemporaneous […]

A Brief Blog About a Faithful Witness

Today, we said goodbye to State Missionary Keith Loomis. The last time I saw Keith, I asked him how he was doing, his answer says it all: “I am blessed.” Many others, myself included, have likewise been blessed in so many ways by our Lord, including for having known His servant, Keith Loomis. In the […]

Four Strategic Challenges

Little Hope or Big Hope? The following was a presentation to the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions on May 16, 2014, by State Missionary and Executive Director Rick Lance: Little Hope Baptist Church was the reported name of a church a friend of mine saw on a road sign while traveling in the open country of east […]

Even Churches Need a Report Card

During my early school years, I can remember bringing home a report card for my parents to examine. Sometimes I was a bit ashamed for them to see it, but doing so was a requirement and needful. Grades and comments by teachers were vitally important in the educational accountability process. Areas of improvement were noted, […]

Praying for Vacation Bible Schools

Please join me in praying for Vacation Bible Schools which are being held during the next six or seven weeks. In my opinion, which has been long held, VBS represents the single most important evangelistic and discipleship experience for most church families in Baptist life. I know that is a bit of a grandiose statement, […]