Even Churches Need a Report Card

During my early school years, I can remember bringing home a report card for my parents to examine. Sometimes I was a bit ashamed for them to see it, but doing so was a requirement and needful. Grades and comments by teachers were vitally important in the educational accountability process. Areas of improvement were noted, […]

Praying for Vacation Bible Schools

Please join me in praying for Vacation Bible Schools which are being held during the next six or seven weeks. In my opinion, which has been long held, VBS represents the single most important evangelistic and discipleship experience for most church families in Baptist life. I know that is a bit of a grandiose statement, […]

Moms’ Night Out

For most of us, we are eagerly looking for wholesome family entertainment that gives us some laughs and not blushes. Thankfully, producers, directors and actors are responding to this growing family-oriented audience. The Kendrick brothers have done us a favor with “Facing the Giants” and several other features that fit this category.


How do you lose a jumbo jet carrying 239 passengers? That is the question perplexing people across the world. As of this writing, Australian rescue officials are investigating debris in the southern Indian Ocean, possibly from Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. (Click here for the latest news.) For the moment, however, the flight remains lost to […]

Being Prepared

Preparation for what we know will eventually come is a wise way to live. We know that one day tornadoes, hurricanes, and other disaster-type events will happen in Alabama, in North America and around the world. Being prepared for them is the focus of the month of February in Alabama Baptist life. Recently, Mel Johnson, […]