Annual Meeting Reflections

Since last week’s annual meeting of the Alabama Baptist State Convention, my heart has been filled with gratitude. I thank God for:

–Pastor Stuart Davidson, the staff and volunteers of Eastern Shore Baptist Church for their marvelous Christian hospitality.

– the musicians, preachers and other inspirational speakers who led us to worship the Lord together, both during the Convention and at the Pastors Conference.

– the Convention officers, working committees and State Board of Missions staff who worked, often behind the scenes, towards a meeting to glorify our Lord and encourage our fruitfulness in Great Commission Ministries.

– leaders of entities and auxiliaries who provided inspiring testimonies about their fruitfulness in the Great Commission.

– SBOM trustees who recommended the Great Commission Ministries budget and special offering goals. I am likewise grateful to Convention messengers who approved the budget, which provides strong support and financial parity for Alabama Baptist ministries and Southern Baptist Convention ministries.

– Alabama Baptists who, at the time of the Convention meeting, had already given more than $1 million to the Myers-Mallory State Missions Offering.

Your State Board of Missions is grateful to serve this remarkable family of more than 3,200 local churches in 75 Baptist associations. Please let us know if we may assist your congregation as it seeks to fulfill the Great Commission.

Executive Director of Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions

State Missionary Rick Lance was elected in June of 1998 to serve as executive director of the State Board of Missions and treasurer of the Alabama Baptist Convention. Rick leads state missions efforts and facilitates Great Commission Ministries for the Convention's 3,200+ churches and more than one million Alabama Baptists.

Rick and his wife, Pam, are members at First Baptist Church, Montgomery. They have two daughters.

Any requests for Rick Lance to speak in or visit your church should be directed to Billie Davis at 1-800-264-1225, ext. 253 or (334) 613-2253, [email protected]

For questions about Dr. Lance's Facebook and Twitter accounts or his blog site, you may contact his social media assistant, Keith Hinson, at 1-800-264-1225, ext. 289 or (334) 613-2289, [email protected]