The Most Famous Man in America: The Biography of Henry Ward Beecher

My love for preaching and for reading biographies led me to The Most Famous Man in America: The Biography of Henry Ward Beecher. This revealing work — written by relatively new author, Debby Applegate — focuses on the life of the renowned 19th century preacher, Henry Ward Beecher. Beecher is the son of Lyman Beecher, the well-known Congregational minister of New England Calvinist roots. Henry Ward Beecher is the definition of the term “late bloomer.” He was not a good student; in fact some would have described him as slothful. Yet, Beecher made a name for himself as a popular preacher and pastor of the fast growing Plymouth Church in Brooklyn. He became an author and a frequent speaker on the lecture circuit during these years. Henry Ward Beecher also had a cloud hanging over his head concerning allegations of moral indiscretions with female church members. Although the accusations were not evidentially proven, there were some people associated with Beecher who believed the rumors to be true. The book helps the reader better understand the church culture of America before, during and following the Civil War. Beecher was a pure abolitionist concerning the slavery issue, but he was a strong voice against “the peculiar institution.” His sister, Harriet Beecher, wrote the earth shaking novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Some, including Abraham Lincoln, considered the book to be a major influence setting the stage for the Civil War.

Executive Director of Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions

State Missionary Rick Lance was elected in June of 1998 to serve as executive director of the State Board of Missions and treasurer of the Alabama Baptist Convention. Rick leads state missions efforts and facilitates Great Commission Ministries for the Convention's 3,200+ churches and more than one million Alabama Baptists.

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